Once Again, Will People Say That Reporters Revealing Details Of US Intelligence On Syria Be Called Criminals?

We’ve pointed out many times now how the old guard media seems to hate the new guard, in part because they’re not getting their stories the “old fashioned way” — which is buddying up to government officials and having them as “sources” where the reporter acts as an unofficial press officer for the government. Instead, when a Glenn Greenwald comes along, and gets information from Ed Snowden, he’s accused of criminal acts. People keep insisting that Snowden’s leaks revealed sources and methods, but so far they really haven’t.

Yet, when more detailed leaks come directly from more obvious government sources, no one bats an eye. We pointed out how clear this was in the past with Barbara Starr, the CNN reporter that Greenwald has jokingly referred to as “the Pentagon spokesperson who works at CNN.” She was among those who keep publishing reports from “inside sources” claiming that Snowden’s leaks were incredibly damaging.

And yet, here is the very same Barbara Starr, reporting from an anonymous “U.S. official,” details about what kinds of communications the US has intercepted by Syrian military leaders.

CNN has learned the United States has intercepts of conversations among top Syrian military officials discussing the chemical weapons attack after it took place last week, according to a U.S. official.

The intercepts form a key basis for the conclusion that the Syrian regime was behind the attack.

Right, so just as the US is pushing to intervene militarily in Syria, suddenly we get a “leak” revealing details of intelligence intercepts of Syrian leaders? Wouldn’t you think that’s the kind of thing that the government would most want to keep secret? But, of course, in this case, the hope is that this “leak” will help bolster the government’s case for bombing Syria, so it’s “okay.” Yet, how come we don’t hear the normal Snowden and Greenwald attackers calling for investigations into this “leak” and suggesting that Starr is a criminal?

Greg Mitchell has a succinct update of Richard Nixon’s famous “if a President does it, it’s not illegal” statement for the modern era. Apparently, “if a President leaks it, it’s not illegal.”

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