Will Politicians’ Support For Draconian IP Laws While Ignoring Civil Liberties Issues Come Back To Bite Them?

I’m usually not one for the typical “end of year” summaries of what happened over the preceding twelve months, but Dave Kravets at Wired has put together an excellent post, bringing together a series of separate events that showed that politicians were quite eager to pass new draconian intellectual property laws all year, but shied away from anything that involved protecting our civil liberties. Reading through the article, it’s a really sad statement over how the past year went from a politics perspective.

Of course, it will be interesting to see the coming backlash over this. We’re already seeing the beginning elements of a reaction over SOPA (as well as the massive support for Ron Paul) and 2012 may make for an interesting year. Declan McCullough is wondering if the internet world is ready to “go nuclear” in the effort to stop SOPA/PIPA next year. As with anything, I think that there will be some mistakes made along the way, but as the internet community gets more organized and more vocal, I do wonder if these two trend lines (more draconian IP laws and less civil liberties protections) can really continue to move in the same direction much longer.

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