Apple Sues Teen Who Sold Repair Parts To Make Your iPhone Into A Mythical White iPhone

People have been talking about a “white iPhone” for ages, expecting that Apple would eventually reintroduce a model with a white back, which it had on an older model. However, one enterprising teen started offing a conversion kit last fall that would let people “repair” their own iPhones and replace the back with a white back that he sourced from China, where they were apparently labeled as “repair parts.” All of that sounds like something that should be perfectly legal. After all, you bought your phone, you should be able to modify it, and the kid selling the parts should be able to sell you those parts. But, instead, Apple sued NYC-based teenager Fei Lam last week, and he’s apparently taking on the company without a lawyer. It’s too bad, but he’s expected to settle the case rather than fight Apple. I can totally understand why he’d settle, but it’s really quite ridiculous that Apple would sue over this.

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