Hulu CEO So Careful Not To Upset Cable Companies, He Might Just Destroy His Own Business

A year and a half ago we questioned whether or not Hulu could really survive, given the rock and a hard place situation it had put itself in by being owned by the content rights holders, who wanted to limit what Hulu could do in competing against the rest of the online world. This limitation by its owners was quite obvious in the recently released subscription package that felt wanting.

Now, Hulu’s CEO, Jason Kilar — who, it should be noted, has always appeared to fight for consumer interests against the demands of Hulu’s owners — has come out and said, quite clearly, that Hulu is not trying to “kill” cable. In other words, he’s signaling to the world quite blatantly: Hulu is unable to do the one thing it needs to do to be a successful business.

If Hulu were a truly independent business, the main focus of that business would be to flat-out disrupt the monopoly cable TV business. That’s a huge opportunity. But, of course, Hulu’s owners don’t want that, because they’re in this neat symbiotic relationship with the cable companies, where those cable companies keep paying more and more money to the TV companies just to carry their shows. So they don’t want to upset that business model — even if it’s incredibly anti-consumer. So, because of that, Hulu can’t do the one thing it needs to do. It’s telling, by the way, that the only people in our comments, who thought that Hulu’s subscription offering was a good deal, were those who had or were planning to ditch cable. And here comes Hulu admitting that it’s not designed to help those people. Yikes.

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