Charges Dropped Against Student Who Alerted University To Security Flaws

Last year, we wrote about a student at Carleton University in Canada who was arrested for hacking, after he wrote up a 16-page paper telling the school how poor its computer security was, and had some suggestions on how to fix it. It does sound like, in the process of figuring this out, the guy did hack into some accounts to prove that the vulnerability was there — but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence that he did anything with the access. And the fact that he wrote up a detailed paper on it and alerted the university certainly suggests his intentions were benevolent. So it was a bit disturbing that he was arrested. However, Allan Lussier-Meek writes in to let us know that charges against the guy were recently dropped after he agreed to go through a community service program. It’s still not entirely clear why he needed to do that. This really does seem like blaming the messenger.

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