Apple’s Google Voice Rejection Wakes Up A Dormant FCC; Investigation Begins

We’ve had a bunch of stories about Apple’s rather arbitrary nature in rejecting iPhone apps it doesn’t like — including ones where it claims that they’re not allowed because they compete with Apple. However, Apple’s recent decision to reject Google’s Voice application didn’t just attract general public interest in Apple’s policies, it appears to have awoken the latest crop of FCC bosses. Yes, the FCC has requested more info from Apple, AT&T and Google concerning Apple’s rejection of the Google app. I wonder how the random Apple drone who made that decision is feeling right now?

Either way, this isn’t good for anyone. The FCC’s reasoning is that it:

“has a mission to foster a competitive wireless marketplace, protect and empower consumers, and promote innovation and investment.”

That’s actually a bit of a stretch on the FCC’s actual mandate. And as ridiculous as I think Apple’s actions are here, having the FCC get involved doesn’t seem good for anyone either. The FCC shouldn’t be involved in deciding what applications get put on phones. Apple’s decision has angered a bunch of people, with some swearing off the iPhone because of it. In those cases, those people have other options and other phones to go to. The situation doesn’t require the FCC to get involved. It should just require Apple coming to its senses and getting rid of its silly policy of outright rejections of apps it doesn’t like.

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