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Dustin’s Bookmarks – 31 May 2009 (REST, Java, and JRuby)

I found four resources linked to from DZone to be particularly interesting this week. I am linking to them in this post as a form of glorified bookmark for my own future reference and in case someone else has not seen them already.Five Things I Used t… Continue reading

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TinyBox JavaScript Popup Box – 3.4KB

TinyBox is a lightweight and standalone JavaScript popup box script. At only 3.4KB it allows for any AJAX or HTML input and can also be used for images and auto hiding alerts. Continue reading

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Ipad Tutorials For Teachers

When the system is simply too little, it won’t problem your home quick adequate, however, when it is too large, it will problem your home too quickly with no properly dehumidifying the space. Manual L sets out the particular accurate method which… Continue reading

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Custom fonts using Cufón

If you’ve worked with webdev professionally you know how it goes. “Why can’t a company with a strong visual brand get to use their own font?”, the designer asks. Then a long discussion about web fonts follow, where you decide to replace the font with a “web safe” font instead. Or do you?
You could think […] Continue reading

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GridView Plugin For JQuery

There are many times when I am writing an application I need to display data in a table. Most of the time a simple HTML table styled with CSS is all that I need but occasionally I want a bit more. Today we’ll look at designing a plugin for jQuery… Continue reading

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