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These Reseller Hosting providers offer the best of what you'll need to develop your own private labeled web hosting business. Selling hosting to your clients, branded as your own hosting, can be quite profitable and professional. 

These are the hosting companies with the best Reseller Hosting plans. They all offer top tier hardware and security in their data centers, along with quality technical support solutions.  Security and reliability are important considerations for your peace of mind as well as that of your customers.  These reseller hosting providers can provide that, along with built in SSL security.  Automated invoicing and payment acceptance features will let you spend more time with your clients as the money rolls in.


Monthly Cost: $3.95
Avg. Rating: 3.16 (Based on 33 reviews.)
Space: 60 GB
Bandwidth: 600 GB
Features: Reseller

StartLogic's objective to provide the best customer service at a reasonable price is what has made them and their customer centric approach to business as popular as they are today.  Their support is handled 24/7 via live chat as well as a ticket submission system.  They have two shared hosting... [Read More]


Monthly Cost: $4.95
Avg. Rating: 3.12 (Based on 40 reviews.)
Space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Features: Reseller

About Site5
Site5.com began in 1999 and has grown into a top tier hosting source. They offer a variety of shared hosting, VPS, Cloud, and Reseller plans at value prices. With 14 data centers around the world, you can choose where you wish for your data to reside. And they proudly promote speed tests from each server... [Read More]

1and1 Internet  

Monthly Cost: $4.99
Avg. Rating: 3.08 (Based on 60 reviews.)
Space: 10GB
Bandwidth: unlimited
Features: Reseller

About 1and1 Internet
1and1 is one of the oldest hosting companies and domain registrars we know of.  Founded in 1988, they boast of hosting over10 million domains, housed on over 70,000 servers.  As such, they're able to offer a wide variety of hosting plans, both on Linux and Windows platforms.  From shared... [Read More]


Monthly Cost: $3.88
Avg. Rating: 2.97 (Based on 34 reviews.)
Space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Features: Reseller

About PowWeb
PowWeb was founded in 1999 and has grown to become one of the premier hosting companies of today. Their greatest appeal is to individuals and small businesses looking for a quality and security-safe host at a competitive price.  They offer a single hosting plan which is laden with features... [Read More]


Monthly Cost: $4.00
Avg. Rating: 1.64 (Based on 166 reviews.)
Space: unlimited
Bandwidth: unlimited
Features: Reseller

About Arvixe
Since their 2003 beginning in San Luis Obispo, CA, Arvixe has been hosting individual and business accounts alike, experiencing powerful growth along the way. They offer a wide variety of hosting plans, including shared server, dedicated server and VPS plans, on both Linux and Windows platforms.  ... [Read More]

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