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With the numbers of Internet users increasing every day, it is no surprise that Internet has become a commercial and social hotspot. More and more companies and individuals are registering their Internet presence through websites, blogs, and forums. This has put pressure on web hosting providers to match up to the new requirements. The number of web hosting service providers have increased and everyone is trying to give the bet to their clients. The web hosting market is getting more user-friendly.

How to select a web hosting service provider?

Depending upon the requirement of an individual, appropriate service provider should be selected. The hosting service providers are trying to woo customers by discounts and different membership's schemes. However, the first thing is to makes sure that a site's requirements are being met. Some important requirements are

  • The amount of space that one needs on the server to host the site. This is important if the site requires database storage.

  • The numbers of hits that are expected on the site. Basically, its means the amount of traffic a site is expected to get.

  • If the site is dealing in e-commerce activities, the hosting server should have support for secure transaction. (SSL support)

  • The uptime of hosting server is important. It is important if a site is expected to get huge traffic. A good uptime is above 99.5%.

  • The software support that a site may need. For example, to host a PHP based website you need the hosting server to support PHP at its end. For example, provides PHP support for web based application. The hosting servers should support installation scripts for blogs hosting such as Wordpress Hosting if the requirement is so.

Linux Hosting

There are plenty of web hosting options available in the market. Most of the web hosting is done on Linux servers. Some of the reasons why Linux is popular are

  • Linux is cheaper than other available options

  • Linux is more secure and less prone to virus attacks.

  • The downtime of Linux servers is lesser than others.

This is why many service providers are offering Discount Linux Hosting options to customers. The schemes are offered depending upon the package that a client may be interested in. The Discount Linux Hosting is also being offered as promotional schemes to prospective customers. A Linux hosting package will generally include

  • Free Setup, RVskin,

  • Latest cPanel Control Panel,

  • Fantastico autoinstalller (to support Wordpress Hosting, etc.)

  • Support for Perl, MySQL, PHP

  • POP Email accounts, Subdomains, FTP Accounts , etc.

Top Website Hosting

The increase in the number of web hosting has prompted the reviewers to vote them depending upon their quality and customer satisfaction. Some of the criteria upon which the ranking is given are customer support, Tech support, Traffic, Software, Space, Reliability & Uptime, Price, User friendliness, etc. Top Web Hosts are also selected category wise like Top Website Hosting for Linux, or say PHP hosting. Some of the interesting categories on which the rankings are awarded are best blog hosting; best budget hosting, Best Forum Hosting, Best Email Hosting, Best Ecommerce Hosting, Best Multiple Domain Hosting, Best VPS Hosting, Best Reseller Hosting, Best Dedicated Hosting, etc. There are many different companies that are engaged in reviews and such reviews can easily be found on the Internet. Since there are many players that are entering the market, the top web hosts rankings change from time to time. The web hosting market is poised to grow and improve with new technological developments and entry of new players. The market will be further enhanced by the penetration of Internet in developing countries.

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