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Web hosting encompasses a wide range of features, details and support. Typically, consumers consider various factors when searching for a product or service online. Some of the most important factors considered by customers are the convenience and ease of use of the website. Consequently, it becomes highly useful to invest in a shopping cart software to make the purchasing process easier for potential customers. This way, a website's income-generating capacity increases considerably. It's imperative to select the best shopping cart web hosting features that will meet the needs of one's business and will keep the customers coming.

OpenCart is an online shopping cart system which is an open source and based on PHP. It's a sturdy e-commerce solution for online businessmen who have the capability to run their own Internet business and join e-commerce at minimal costs. It's an out-of-the-box shopping cart solution to online sellers. OpenCart is optimally designed to be convenient, easy to use, feature rich, visually appealing in terms of interface and friendly with search engines. You can simply install it, choose your desired template, add your products and you're good to go. You can then begin accepting orders from customers.

OpenCart comes with multiple built-in payment gateways and it also has order management ready. Furthermore, the OpenCart staff offer free updates for software as well as free lifetime support. There are various reasons that make OpenCart a sensible option. First, it's open source which basically means that all its codes are public. You can create a classy, professional looking store by choosing from a wide selection of creative and attractive templates. It's also SEO friendly, hence pages can be indexed by most search engines. Support for category META tags and custom product is also included. Furthermore, there's the benefit of managing several stores from a single admin page. This can prove to be a very helpful feature especially if you're promoting numerous different products. One of the most commendable feature of OpenCart is the payment gateway system which supports virtually all online transaction methods. With this valuable feature, people can set up online businesses even from undeveloped regions.

When choosing the right OpenCart hosting, there are several factors to consider. OpenCart is deployable to different php mysql supported web servers. It's crucial to consider the hosting support level and OpenCart site performance. It's important to make sure that the website is up and you can acquire support as soon as possible, since it is going to be an e-commerce website.

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