Choosing Forum hosting Service


Having a forum can save a lot of time and money for most companies and other organizations. Forums can help reduce the size of most company's tech support staff, allow new products to be showcase and provide a valuable source of feedback from customers. Forums can help-out clubs, churches, schools, and any other group that needs feedback or wants to provide a lot of information. With so many uses for forums, it is important to choose the correct forum as well as the best forum-hosting plan for the job.

Forums come in a number of types from the simple question and answer, and mailing list type to the power hitters that are the backbone of social networks of today. New forums can host file upload, multimedia content. All forums add content to your website, helping your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Unlike standard web pages that take the same amount of disk space and server power as when they were first up-loaded, forums grow and use more disk space and server power, as they get older. Choosing the type of forum your site will have is important, but even more important is choosing a Forum hosting service. A forum that is down most of the time does not help you one bit, and in fact can hurt your rankings.

Most website hosting services are not optimized for forum hosting. The dynamic growth of a forum requires a number of features most website host do not provide. All forums use some type of database to store information, when looking for a hosting service chose one that supports a good database server such as MS SQL or Oracle. Choose a forum hosting service that will allow for dynamic growth of your files. Forum file growth is not linear, one day the file size maybe 5 Meg, the next it maybe 50 Meg. Along with file size growth, you need to make sure your band-with will not be limited. Again, one day your forum may have 100 members the next your forum may have 1000 members.

The number of member/users a forum can grow just as fast as its file size. In fact, the more users you have the faster and larger your files will become. With all this strain, being place on the hardware it is important to have a good tech support team maintaining the hardware. This team should include not only the web-server support but also database support, and experts in forum support. Forum hosting companies are popping up all over the web chose one that has been around for a long time.

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  • FatCow

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  • iPage


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  • HostMonster


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  • InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting

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