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User Reviews

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Liquid Web

Perfect For Shared Hosting [ ]

Aug 19 2011

I highly recommend it for anyone seeking shared hosting (I needed high end reseller hosting).
Even though I had an account set up and running, I chose to cancel, was refunded quickly. and during the process, all questions were answered quickly.
go for it!

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Very good support [ ]

Aug 15 2011

My experience with Arvixe has been very good, they do what they say they will do in the time they say they will do it. OUr company requires real time support and they are there when we call them.

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I like these people [ ]

Aug 25 2011

The experience here with Arvixe has been wonderful! My time with other hosts has been bumpy and when I moved to this one life became much easier. They don't require you to know what your doing,a dn they are availabel to chat regularly.

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Really Like the Price [ ]

Aug 21 2011

I really like the price and the day to day support with HostGator. When I have a big problem I know that the techs will be responsive, and continue to escalate the issue as necessary until the problem is addressed.

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Host: Excellent. [ ]

Aug 25 2011

If there are aspects of their hosting package that could be improved, their top notch support overrides any other deficiencies. We experience fast responses by knowledgeable staff. And they always sound like they're happy to help. Such a simple thing and so few get it right.

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Go Daddy

OK, but not the greatest [ ]

Jul 13 2011

I will say that one often over looked aspect of web hosting is customer service. GoDaddy does the best here, even if their overall hosting is not the greatest. Although they do a generally good job at customer support, one thing I cannot stand is their constant attempts to up-sale. If you need tech support get ready for a sales pitch. Also their "on-hold" phone music is totally annoying. Thankfully, they're pretty quick so you don't have to endure it for very long.

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Decent, no complaints [ ]

Aug 12 2011

I find IX to be a very decent solution. Whenever I have questions, tech support answers efficiently, both on the help desk online or on the phone. I'm running both a PHP and a Drupal site with them, everything going smooth. I do find the interface to be slightly clumsy at first, which is why I had to be on the phone with support. but they do know their way around and now that I'm used to it, I'm settled in quite nicely.

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Uptime is great!! [ ]

Aug 15 2011

I have been with Pacific for almost a year now and they very rearely have any downtime, and if something is going to happen they send an email to alert you to the issue. They are excellent in taking care of any problems that arise, very patient in explaining and talking you through the issues..

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[email protected]

Loyal Customer From The Start [N/A]

Aug 19 2011

I have been a Globat customer since shortly after the company started. I will NEVER consider changing services for anything! I use ecommerce, wordpress and linux and I am very happy with the support and assistance that is given when I need it.

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Pacific Host Web Hosting [ ]

Aug 17 2011

Didn't have a lot of experience with hosting a web site before, found Pacific Host while searching on the web. They provided the tools I needed to build my own site, including email and web forums. The price is really good, and there is never any problems with web site availability or storage space. I am very happy with the service and plan to stick with Pacific Host for a long time.

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BEST web hosting
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    $ 5.95

    cPanel, MySQL, Postgre SQL, eCommerce, WordPress, Shared Hosting, Linux, Apache

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    FatCow $3.15/mo. Plan - Click Here for Moo Details!

    $ 3.67

    vDeck, MySQL, Reseller, Green, eCommerce, WordPress, Cheap Hosting, Shared Hosting, Linux

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    vDeck, MySQL, Reseller, Green, eCommerce, WordPress, Shared Hosting, Linux

  • HostMonster


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  • InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting

    $ 5.95

    cPanel, MySQL, eCommerce, WordPress, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Linux, Apache

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