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User Reviews

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Liquid Web

It's an all around good host [ ]

Aug 9 2011

I run a few sites on Lunarpages, and have to say their hosting is fantastic. Never had a single problem. They have good fast servers, and excellent customer service.

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[email protected]

Used For Years [ ]

Aug 19 2011

I have found the Package provided by to be more than satisfactory and in fact gives you more than what you expect in certain aspects! I have been with globat since may 2004 and there hosting is very good and I do recommend it.
There support is great especially the live chat feature,they are reliable and their pricin is very good. My only negative is that they monitor mysql.

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Go Daddy

Go Daddy Good Reputation and Great Price [ ]

Aug 17 2011

Always choose an established hosting site over a start-up. GoDaddy has a good reputation and it definitely lives up to the rep. With great prices, and those famous commercials, Go Daddy definitley provides everything I need. I use Joomla, Wordpress blogs and PHP apps with no issue! Unlimited domain hosting for a couple hundred bucks a year, you just cant beat that, especially with a start-up.

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surprised at how quick the set up was [ ]

Aug 17 2011

When I signed up for Bluehost, and got activated, almost instantly, I was surprised at how quick the set up was. Just a few minutes later, after installing Wordpress to test out my new hosting, I was amazed at how fast the systems ran. Soon after, I purchased a dedicated IP, so I could run a piece of software on the server. After about ten seconds after opening a live support chat, a friendly operator accepted my live support chat, and opened a port on the server for me, which took less than two minutes.
Once or twice there was a little bit of downtime, but this was clearly stated on their site, as it was for maintenance purposes. It lasted slightly less than ten minutes.

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Tech Support Is Off The Charts [ ]

Aug 21 2011

Since being with Host Gator I have yet to report one downtime on my server longer than 10 minutes. They are always willing to win your side with Script, PHP, and MYSQL support; I had my forum programming go whack and the HostGator support team of course fixed it.

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Just Host

I would recommend JustHost to any intermediate web designer/developer [ ]

Aug 21 2011

I've been with JustHost around 6 months now, no downtime, whatsoever. Support is decent. I would recommend JustHost to any intermediate web designer/developer.

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InMotion Hosting

great tools [ ]

Aug 17 2011

the back office interface is easy to use, i love unlimited space and the features provided are more than i have jet been able to fully utilize.

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[email protected]

All in All [ ]

Aug 19 2011

All in all, I am very relived that my arrangement with Globat has been very satisfying and professional. There are some occasional issues with downtime but nothing that would make me want to change.

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[email protected]

PhP5 Available [ ]

Aug 19 2011

I didn't think so at first when they told me PHP5 was available on their server, but failed to tell me that tech support had to upgrade it using a virtual one. However, Once I got a hold of Rick at tech support they whole thing was done in no time flat. Thank you Rick and thank you Globat.

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support very helpful [ ]

Aug 21 2011

I has been with Pacific Host 4 months now. PacificHost gave lot of attention to my all needs, I was trying a script which techs, and really configured well to support my job, thanks. PacificHost are really friendly, they give right service for money.

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BEST web hosting
Companies 2011


  • BlueHost


    $ 5.95

    cPanel, MySQL, Postgre SQL, eCommerce, WordPress, Shared Hosting, Linux, Apache

  • FatCow

    FatCow $3.15/mo. Plan - Click Here for Moo Details!

    $ 3.67

    vDeck, MySQL, Reseller, Green, eCommerce, WordPress, Cheap Hosting, Shared Hosting, Linux

  • iPage


    $ 3.50

    vDeck, MySQL, Reseller, Green, eCommerce, WordPress, Shared Hosting, Linux

  • HostMonster


    $ 4.95

    cPanel, MySQL, Postgre SQL, eCommerce, WordPress, Cheap Hosting, Shared Hosting, Linux, Apache

  • InMotion Hosting

    InMotion Hosting

    $ 5.95

    cPanel, MySQL, eCommerce, WordPress, Dedicated Servers, VPS Hosting, Shared Hosting, Linux, Apache

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