An Economic Guide To Trading Your Halloween Candy

If you look through all the Techdirt posts tagged for Halloween, it will take you about two minutes. There just isn't a whole lot of them. That needs to change, considering that Halloween is the second best holiday next to Thanksgiving. I mean come on, if you're a kid, you get to utilize an old Irish festival called Samhain to dress up as friggin' Iron Man. And if you're an adult, you still dress up like Iron Man, but you've also got chalk odds in favor of running into other adults who clearly spent so much money on their costumes that they couldn't also afford dignity.

Still, Techdirt is all about economics, right? Frankly, my first brush with the satanic art of econ was almost certainly Halloween, or rather post-Halloween, because that's when the front of my grade school ceased to be a gathering of innocent children and instead turned into an unholy candy stock exchange. Hell, Gordon Gecko would have been eaten alive. So, I offer up for all of you this Hallow's Eve a little distraction from the serious: Buzzfeed’s The Guide To Trading Candy:


Happy Halloween, Techdirters!

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