Recent Java News – Mid-August 2012

Oracle has released significant announcements regarding Java in recent weeks. I summarize some of these in this post.

Java SE 6 End of Life Extended to 2013

Henrik Stahl announced in the post Java 6 End of Public Updates extended to February 2013 that “the Oracle JDK 6 End of Public Updates will be extended through February, 2013.” As Stahl states in that post, this is additional time beyond the previously announced extension from July 2012 to November 2012. The Oracle Java SE Support Roadmap has been updated to reflect this new extension.

Java SE 7 Update 6 Released

The 14 August 2012 Oracle Press Release titled Oracle Releases New Java Updates – Java SE 7 Update 6, JavaFX 2.2 and JavaFX Scene Builder 1.0 announces the release of Java SE 7 Update 6 bundled with JavaFX 2.2.

The Java 6 Update 7 Release Notes list the significant new features of this release: JDK and JRE Support for Mac OS X, JDK for Linux on ARM, JavaFX SDK and JavaFX Runtime included in JDK 7u6 and JRE 7u6, Java Access Bridge included in JRE 7u6, Alternative Hash Function, and Changes to Security Warning Dialog Box for Trusted Signed and Self Signed Applications.

JavaOne 2012 Schedule Builder Goes Live

Tori Wieldt’s post JavaOne Schedule Builder Live announces that Schedule Builder is now live and available for registered JavaOne 2012 attendees.

Oracle and Fortress

Although not technically Java-related, I found it interesting to read that Oracle is throwing in the towel on development of the Fortran-inspired programming language Fortress.

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