French Film Exec Insists That Anti-Piracy Efforts Made Sure No French Films Were Downloaded For 7 Months

We’ve certainly seen the entertainment industry continually try to pretend that Hadopi’s clear failure is a success story. However, sometimes it seems to go from just massaging the numbers into outright denial. That seems to be the case with Nicolas Seydoux, who is both the president of a French film company and the head of the local anti-piracy organization, ALPA.

In a recent statement, Seydoux insisted that the “methods developed by ALPA” (going beyond just Hadopi) made sure that not a single French film was downloaded between May 15th and December 15th in 2011:

“Between 15 May and 15 December 2011, no French film has been downloaded from the Internet,”

Oddly, he doesn’t even seem to distinguish authorized online movie services from unauthorized. He just insists that no films have been downloaded. At first, I thought that perhaps he really meant that no new French films had been leaked online, but that’s not what he says. He literally claims that zero French films were downloaded during those seven months. I guess he’s declaring victory for his anti-piracy organization, but it’s impressive how the pure bubble he’s living in does not even come close to reflecting reality.

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