JDK 7 Additions to Currency Class

The java.util.Currency class has been available since JDK 1.4, but JDK 7 has provided some useful new methods at the class and instance level. I look at these new methods in this post.

The Currency class represents worldwide currencies as “identified by their ISO 4217 currency codes” available at the International Organization for Standardization site. Although one can override the represented currencies available in an instance of the JVM by placing an appropriate properties file in <JAVA_HOME>/lib/currency.properties, most of us are likely to use the currencies provided out-of-the-box with the JVM. It is easy to find out what these available currencies are with the new-to-JDK 7 class-level (static) function getAvailableCurrencies().

I like it when the JDK provides access to runtime JVM-specific details. The addition of Currency.getAvailableCurrencies() brings this support to Currency similar to what is available for locales [Locale.getAvailableLocales()], time zones [TimeZone.getAvailableIDs()], characters sets [CharSet.availableCharsets()], and available JVM scripting engines [ScriptEngineManager.getEngineFactories()]. It is easy to invoke the static function with a single line Groovy script called directly with the -e option:

groovy -e “Currency.availableCurrencies.each{println it}”

There are three new instance-level methods added to Currency in JDK 7. Two of them [getDisplayName() and getDisplayName(Locale)] provide a String-based name of the currency instance (one for default locale and one for a provided locale). The third new method [getNumericCode()] provides an int representing the numeric code for that currency instance.

The next code listing is of a simple Java application that runs through all available currencies using the method added to JDK 7 and then prints the numeric code for each currency along with the two versions of the currency display name as provided by new JDK 7 methods.

Example Demonstrating JDK 7 Methods on Currency

package dustin.examples;

import static java.lang.System.out;
import java.util.Currency;
import java.util.Locale;
import java.util.Set;

 * Demonstrate methods added to java.util.Currency in JDK 7.
 * @author Dustin
public class Main
    * Main executable function for demonstrating Currency methods added in JDK 7.
    * @param arguments The command line arguments; none expected.
   public static void main(String[] arguments)
      final Set<Currency> currencies = Currency.getAvailableCurrencies();
      for (final Currency currency : currencies)
              "Currency: "
            + currency.getDisplayName() + "/"
            + currency.getDisplayName(Locale.ITALIAN) + "/"
            + currency.getNumericCode());

When the above is executed on the JVM I’m using, the output appears as follows:

Currency: Venezuelan Bolívar/Bolívar venezuelano forte/937
Currency: Colombian Peso/Peso Colombiano/170
Currency: French Franc/Franco Francese/250
Currency: Kyrgystani Som/Som Kirghiso/417
Currency: Euro/Euro/978
Currency: Maltese Lira/Lira Maltese/470
Currency: Georgian Lari/Lari Georgiano/981
Currency: Afghan Afghani (1927-2002)/Afgani (1927-2002)/4
Currency: US Dollar (Next day)/Dollaro Statunitense (Next day)/997
Currency: Mozambican Metical/Metical del Mozambico/943
Currency: Dutch Guilder/Fiorino Olandese/528
Currency: Panamanian Balboa/Balboa di Panama/590
Currency: Qatari Rial/Rial del Qatar/634
Currency: Bahamian Dollar/Dollaro delle Bahamas/44
Currency: Djiboutian Franc/Franco Gibutiano/262
Currency: Serbian Dinar (2002-2006)/Serbian Dinar (2002-2006)/891
Currency: New Zealand Dollar/Dollaro Neozelandese/554
Currency: Syrian Pound/Sterlina Siriana/760
Currency: Malagasy Franc/Franco Malgascio/450
Currency: Venezuelan Bolívar (1871-2008)/Bolivar Venezuelano/862
Currency: Saudi Riyal/Ryal Saudita/682
Currency: Rwandan Franc/Franco Ruandese/646
Currency: Yemeni Rial/Rial dello Yemen/886
Currency: Barbadian Dollar/Dollaro di Barbados/52
Currency: Sierra Leonean Leone/Leone della Sierra Leone/694
Currency: Sri Lankan Rupee/Rupia di Sri Lanka/144
Currency: Chilean Peso/Peso Cileno/152
Currency: Bermudan Dollar/Dollaro delle Bermuda/60
Currency: Omani Rial/Rial Omanita/512
Currency: Myanma Kyat/Kyat di Myanmar/104
Currency: Gambian Dalasi/Dalasi del Gambia/270
Currency: Guatemalan Quetzal/Quetzal Guatemalteco/320
Currency: CFP Franc/Franco CFP/953
Currency: Turkmenistani Manat (1993-2009)/Manat Turkmeno/795
Currency: Romanian Leu/Romanian Leu/946
Currency: Singapore Dollar/Dollaro di Singapore/702
Currency: Jamaican Dollar/Dollaro Giamaicano/388
Currency: Bolivian Boliviano/Boliviano/68
Currency: Eritrean Nakfa/Nakfa Eritreo/232
Currency: Turkmenistani Manat/Turkmenistani Manat/934
Currency: Mongolian Tugrik/Tugrik Mongolo/496
Currency: Indonesian Rupiah/Rupia Indonesiana/360
Currency: ZWN/ZWN/942
Currency: Luxembourgian Franc/Franco del Lussemburgo/442
Currency: Russian Ruble (1991-1998)/Rublo della CSI/810
Currency: São Tomé and Príncipe Dobra/Dobra di Sao Tomé e Principe/678
Currency: Ukrainian Hryvnia/Hrivna Ucraina/980
Currency: Argentine Peso/Peso Argentino/32
Currency: Bahraini Dinar/Dinaro del Bahraini/48
Currency: Belize Dollar/Dollaro Belize/84
Currency: Russian Ruble/Rublo Russo/643
Currency: Laotian Kip/Kip Laotiano/418
Currency: Maldivian Rufiyaa/Rufiyaa delle Maldive/462
Currency: Libyan Dinar/Dinaro Libico/434
Currency: Sudanese Dinar (1992-2007)/Dinaro Sudanese/736
Currency: Danish Krone/Corona Danese/208
Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar (2008)/Zimbabwean Dollar (2008)/935
Currency: Spanish Peseta/Peseta Spagnola/724
Currency: Macanese Pataca/Pataca di Macao/446
Currency: Surinamese Guilder/Fiorino del Suriname/740
Currency: Samoan Tala/Tala della Samoa Occidentale/882
Currency: Swazi Lilangeni/Lilangeni dello Swaziland/748
Currency: Tanzanian Shilling/Scellino della Tanzania/834
Currency: Portuguese Escudo/Escudo Portoghese/620
Currency: XUA/XUA/965
Currency: Armenian Dram/Dram Armeno/51
Currency: Greek Drachma/Dracma Greca/300
Currency: Guinean Franc/Franco della Guinea/324
Currency: Nicaraguan Córdoba/Córdoba oro nicaraguense/558
Currency: Gibraltar Pound/Sterlina di Gibilterra/292
Currency: Bolivian Mvdol/Mvdol Boliviano/984
Currency: Bulgarian Lev/Nuovo Lev Bulgaro/975
Currency: Belgian Franc/Franco Belga/56
Currency: Kazakhstani Tenge/Tenge Kazaco/398
Currency: Solomon Islands Dollar/Dollaro delle Isole Solomon/90
Currency: Costa Rican Colón/Colón Costaricano/188
Currency: Swiss Franc/Franco Svizzero/756
Currency: Turkish Lira/Turkish Lira/949
Currency: Australian Dollar/Dollaro Australiano/36
Currency: CFA Franc BCEAO/Franco CFA BCEAO/952
Currency: Uzbekistan Som/Sum dell’Uzbekistan/860
Currency: European Unit of Account (XBD)/Unità di acconto europea (XBD)/958
Currency: Chinese Yuan/Renmimbi Cinese/156
Currency: Malawian Kwacha/Kwacha Malawiano/454
Currency: Bhutanese Ngultrum/Ngultrum Butanese/64
Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar (2009)/Zimbabwean Dollar (2009)/932
Currency: Special Drawing Rights/Diritti Speciali di Incasso/960
Currency: Italian Lira/Lira Italiana/380
Currency: Moroccan Dirham/Dirham Marocchino/504
Currency: Chilean Unit of Account (UF)/Unidades de Fomento Chilene/990
Currency: Lesotho Loti/Loti del Lesotho/426
Currency: Nigerian Naira/Naira Nigeriana/566
Currency: Guinea-Bissau Peso/Peso della Guinea-Bissau/624
Currency: Sudanese Pound/Sterlina sudanese/938
Currency: Lebanese Pound/Sterlina Libanese/422
Currency: Mauritian Rupee/Rupia Mauriziana/480
Currency: Testing Currency Code/Testing Currency Code/963
Currency: Latvian Lats/Lat Lettone/428
Currency: Japanese Yen/Yen Giapponese/392
Currency: Turkish Lira (1922-2005)/Lira Turca/792
Currency: Norwegian Krone/Corona Norvegese/578
Currency: Indian Rupee/Rupia Indiana/356
Currency: Hungarian Forint/Fiorino Ungherese/348
Currency: Tunisian Dinar/Dinaro Tunisino/788
Currency: Congolese Franc/Franco Congolese/976
Currency: Andorran Peseta/Peseta Andorrana/20
Currency: Palladium/Palladio/964
Currency: Liberian Dollar/Dollaro Liberiano/430
Currency: Netherlands Antillean Guilder/Fiorino delle Antille Olandesi/532
Currency: US Dollar (Same day)/Dollaro Statunitense (Same day)/998
Currency: Somali Shilling/Scellino Somalo/706
Currency: Mexican Peso/Peso Messicano/484
Currency: Zimbabwean Dollar (1980-2008)/Dollaro dello Zimbabwe/716
Currency: British Pound Sterling/Sterlina Inglese/826
Currency: Albanian Lek/Lek Albanese/8
Currency: Jordanian Dinar/Dinaro Giordano/400
Currency: East Caribbean Dollar/Dollaro dei Caraibi Orientali/951
Currency: Cuban Convertible Peso/Cuban Convertible Peso/931
Currency: Gold/Oro/959
Currency: Czech Republic Koruna/Corona Ceca/203
Currency: US Dollar/Dollaro Statunitense/840
Currency: Cuban Peso/Peso Cubano/192
Currency: Comorian Franc/Franco Comoriano/174
Currency: Pakistani Rupee/Rupia del Pakistan/586
Currency: Fijian Dollar/Dollaro delle Figi/242
Currency: French UIC-Franc/Franco UIC Francese/0
Currency: Vietnamese Dong/Dong Vietnamita/704
Currency: Honduran Lempira/Lempira Hoduregno/340
Currency: Brunei Dollar/Dollaro del Brunei/96
Currency: Finnish Markka/Markka Finlandese/246
Currency: European Monetary Unit/Unità monetaria europea/956
Currency: United Arab Emirates Dirham/Dirham degli Emirati Arabi Uniti/784
Currency: Algerian Dinar/Dinaro Algerino/12
Currency: South African Rand/Rand Sudafricano/710
Currency: Burundian Franc/Franco del Burundi/108
Currency: Bangladeshi Taka/Taka Bangladese/50
Currency: Paraguayan Guarani/Guarani del Paraguay/600
Currency: XSU/XSU/994
Currency: Peruvian Nuevo Sol/Sol Nuevo Peruviano/604
Currency: Ghanaian Cedi (1979-2007)/Cedi del Ghana/288
Currency: North Korean Won/Won Nordcoreano/408
Currency: Slovenian Tolar/Tallero Sloveno/705
Currency: Philippine Peso/Peso delle Filippine/608
Currency: Mauritanian Ouguiya/Ouguiya della Mauritania/478
Currency: Unknown Currency/Nessuna valuta/999
Currency: Azerbaijani Manat (1993-2006)/Manat Azero (1993-2006)/31
Currency: Cayman Islands Dollar/Dollaro delle Isole Cayman/136
Currency: Croatian Kuna/Kuna Croata/191
Currency: Botswanan Pula/Pula del Botswana/72
Currency: Saint Helena Pound/Sterlina di Sant’Elena/654
Currency: AYM/AYM/945
Currency: Ugandan Shilling/Scellino Ugandese/800
Currency: Austrian Schilling/Scellino Austriaco/40
Currency: Malaysian Ringgit/Ringgit della Malesia/458
Currency: French Gold Franc/Franco Oro Francese/0
Currency: Irish Pound/Sterlina irlandese/372
Currency: Vanuatu Vatu/Vatu di Vanuatu/548
Currency: Serbian Dinar/Dinaro serbo/941
Currency: Iranian Rial/Rial Iraniano/364
Currency: Timorese Escudo/Escudo di Timor/626
Currency: Mexican Investment Unit/Unidad de Inversion (UDI) Messicana/979
Currency: Iraqi Dinar/Dinaro Iracheno/368
Currency: Romanian Leu (1952-2006)/Leu della Romania/946
Currency: Moldovan Leu/Leu Moldavo/498
Currency: Slovak Koruna/Corona Slovacca/703
Currency: Israeli New Sheqel/Nuovo sheqel israeliano/376
Currency: Polish Zloty/Zloty Polacco/985
Currency: Seychellois Rupee/Rupia delle Seychelles/690
Currency: European Unit of Account (XBC)/Unità di acconto europea (XBC)/957
Currency: Yugoslavian New Dinar (1994-2002)/Dinaro Noviy Yugoslavo/891
Currency: Macedonian Denar/Dinaro Macedone/807
Currency: Belarusian Ruble/Rublo Bielorussia/974
Currency: Egyptian Pound/Sterlina Egiziana/818
Currency: Hong Kong Dollar/Dollaro di Hong Kong/344
Currency: Guyanaese Dollar/Dollaro della Guyana/328
Currency: Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark/Marco Conv. Bosnia-Erzegovina/977
Currency: Thai Baht/Baht Tailandese/764
Currency: Kuwaiti Dinar/Dinaro Kuwaitiano/414
Currency: Kenyan Shilling/Scellino Keniota/404
Currency: Icelandic Króna/Corona Islandese/352
Currency: Falkland Islands Pound/Sterlina delle Falkland/238
Currency: Angolan Kwanza/Kwanza Angolano/973
Currency: Bulgarian Hard Lev/Lev Bulgaro/100
Currency: Malagasy Ariary/Ariary Malgascio/969
Currency: Surinamese Dollar/Dollaro surinamese/968
Currency: Dominican Peso/Peso Dominicano/214
Currency: Tongan Pa?anga/Pa?anga di Tonga/776
Currency: Papua New Guinean Kina/Kina della Papua Nuova Guinea/598
Currency: Cape Verdean Escudo/Escudo del Capo Verde/132
Currency: Namibian Dollar/Dollaro Namibiano/516
Currency: Uruguayan Peso/Peso Uruguayo uruguaiano/858
Currency: Ethiopian Birr/Birr Etiopico/230
Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollar/Dollaro di Trinidad e Tobago/780
Currency: Salvadoran Colón/Colón Salvadoregno/222
Currency: Brazilian Real/Real Brasiliano/986
Currency: Silver/Argento/961
Currency: Tajikistani Somoni/Somoni del Tajikistan/972
Currency: European Composite Unit/Unità composita europea/955
Currency: Lithuanian Litas/Lita Lituana/440
Currency: Estonian Kroon/Corona dell’Estonia/233
Currency: Platinum/Platinum/962
Currency: Haitian Gourde/Gourde Haitiano/332
Currency: Belarusian New Ruble (1994-1999)/Nuovo Rublo Bielorussia (1994-1999)/112
Currency: South Korean Won/Won Sudcoreano/410
Currency: Azerbaijani Manat/Azerbaijani Manat/944
Currency: Nepalese Rupee/Rupia Nepalese/524
Currency: Cambodian Riel/Riel Cambogiano/116
Currency: Zambian Kwacha/Kwacha dello Zambia/894
Currency: New Taiwan Dollar/Nuovo dollaro taiwanese/901
Currency: CFA Franc BEAC/Franco CFA BEAC/950
Currency: Cypriot Pound/Sterlina Cipriota/196
Currency: Afghan Afghani/Afgani/971
Currency: Aruban Florin/Fiorino di Aruba/533
Currency: Canadian Dollar/Dollaro Canadese/124
Currency: Mozambican Metical (1980-2006)/Mozambican Metical (1980-2006)/508
Currency: Ghanaian Cedi/Cedi ghanese/936
Currency: German Mark/Marco Tedesco/276
Currency: Swedish Krona/Corona Svedese/752

This blog post has briefly looked at the new class-level method and three new instance-level methods added to the Currency class.

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