File Sharing Drones Proof Of Concept Already Built

There was a fair bit of discussion recently about the story of The Pirate Bay exploring using drones to build a flying file sharing system — with many insisting that such a thing was a completely ridiculous-to-impossible notion. They might want to think again. It seems that a proof of concept had already been built by a different group, who had no idea that TPB was considering this idea. Liam Young from Tomorrow’s Thoughts Today already built what’s basically an implementation of the what the Pirate Bay described, which you can see below:

Of course, the key here is that these are just setting up a drone-based local-area network, rather than one connected to the wider internet, but that’s easy enough to add at some point (especially as wireless technology improves). There’s still a long way to go towards a full-scale system such as what the Pirate Bay guys envision, but the technology itself isn’t that far fetched.

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