Copyright Dispute Over Tanning Lotion From Jersey Shore’s ‘JWOWW’

We’ve actually written about a copyright dispute involving a shampoo bottle in the past. And now we’ve got a copyright dispute involving a tanning lotion bottle. Honestly, though, it appears to be more of a stupid contractual dispute with the plaintiffs throwing in a copyright claim just for the hell of it. The details, at THREsq, talk about how Jersey Shore’s Jenni “JWOWW” Farley is being sued for offering up a tanning lotion in the bottle seen here:

Apparently the plaintiffs run a company that sells tanning solution, and they had worked with Farley’s ex-boyrfriend/ex-manager to create the product. They claim they designed and registered the copyright for the bottle. However, after Farley and the guy split, the lotion still came out, but without the partner company. All in all this seems like it should be a straight contract dispute (which the plaintiffs allege as well), but thanks to copyright they get to pile on.

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