DMCA Takedown Used To Try To Silence Science Blogger Providing Comet Facts

Another day, another case of the DMCA being used to try to censor people. The details here are not entirely clear, but James Litwin points us to a report about how someone — and, tragically, the party is never actually named — filed a DMCA takedown notice to Blogger to try to take down Ian Musgrave’s Astroblogger site. Apparently some folks who believe that the Comet Elenin represents the end of the world (or something, I’m not following the nutty end-of-the-worlders on what their latest issues are) were upset that Ian and others were using actual science (*gasp!* *no!*) to debunk some of the claims that were being made. Musgrave notes that he wasn’t the only one, and some others who also wrote about Elenin received takedowns as well. Thankfully the site is back up, but it’s scary how frequently people now use the DMCA to stifle speech.

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