Comically Absurd IP

Certain arguments come up over and over again in copyright debates. Mike recently wrote about copyright monopolists calling Free Culture “neo Marxist.” This is so absurd, yet so common, that there’s a comic about it:

In fact there is a whole IP* category over at Mimi & Eunice. How many times have we heard an indignant “thou shalt not steal”?

How often do we hear competition denounced as theft?

There are strips about business models…

Price vs. Value…


and of course, Lawyers:

Naturally, these comics are Free, copyLeft, share-able, copy-able, and embeddable. It is my fondest wish that writers will use these images in their articles and comments, without asking permission. What’s in it for me, you ask? The more people see Mimi & Eunice, the more cultural value they’ll have. Watching works find their audience is a singular pleasure for an artist. But since Techdirt is more about business models, I’ll add that the more people share the strips online, the more value a paper book will have, which I can then sell.

*”IP” stands for something slightly different over there.

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