A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose… Until Police See It On CCTV, Say It’s A Knife & Throw You In Jail For 3 Months

The UK has really been quite aggressive in installing CCTV surveillance cameras all over, trying to spot trouble before it escalates, but apparently they’re not very good at it sometimes. Glyn Moody points us to the story of the police spotting a man, who had been previously convicted of assault, walking along with his fiancee. Via the CCTV footage, police determined that the guy, Stephen McAleer, was carrying a knife, and a few weeks later, the police showed up at his house in order to arrest him, tossing him in jail for three months. The only problem? It turns out that the “knife” was really a rose that he had bought for his fiancee. Apparently, it took three months and then a trial to get this all sorted out. Don’t you feel safer now?

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