Get cozy with comics on your iPhone

If you’re a fan of comic books, you should also be a fan of the iPhone. Apple’s smartphone is home to several neat comic-book apps designed specifically for those who want to enjoy harrowing stories of their favorite heroes in the Digital Age.

I’ve sifted through the many apps related to comic books and found a handful that you’ll want to try out. Whether you’re a DC Comics fan or you’re partial to Marvel, I think you’ll like what you find in these apps.

Get your comic on

Clickwheel Comic Reader if you plan to read comic books on your iPhone, the Clickwheel Comic Reader will be able to satisfy that desire.

When you start using Clickwheel Comic Reader, you’ll be able to sift through comic books and find one you want to read. The app doesn’t have many of the classics like those you would find from an app like Comics or iVerse Comics (see below), but it does have some comic books you might care about. Either way, the app displays all your favorite content in full color on your iPhone. And since it’s free, it’s probably worth trying out if you don’t mind reading a relatively small collection of books.


If you want to read some comic books, Clickwheel might be your choice.


Comic Envi If you’re more into comic strips than comic books, we have you covered too.

With the help of Comic Envi, you can check out some of your favorite comic strips. You can check out old, well-known comic strips, Web-only offerings, and more. You have the option of viewing them in a slideshow or by moving them with your fingers. You can also check out the daily updated strips or some of the titles in the archive. It’s a neat utility, but beware that you will need to pay 99 cents to get it.

Comic Envi

Check out Comic Strips with the help of Comic Envi.

Comic Envi)

Comics If you’re a fan of comic books, you’ll want to try out Comics. The app currently has more than 450 comics for you to read right in the app.

Comics is packed with a lot of great content from Marvel, Image, Red 5, and other prominent comic-book companies. You can sift through all the books in the app, find the comic book you want to read, and you’re all set. Now, I should note that of the 450 comics available to read in Comics, you’ll only be able to access 70 of them for free. The rest you’ll need to pay for access. Regardless, the app is free, making it a great way to read some comics without dropping a dime. Check it out.


You can read 70 free comics in the Comics app.


Comics Lib If you want to bring your entire comic-book library with you wherever you go, Comics Lib is the app for you.

After you download Comics Lib, you can immediately start importing your library into the app. You can also create a wish list of comics that you don’t have yet, but hope to have eventually. The app even lets you check for upcoming releases of comic books, so you can track the titles you want. The app won’t let you read comic books in it, but at least it will help you determine if you already own a book you might have forgotten about. If you want to share with others all the comic books you own, Comics Lib is the best (mobile) way to do it.

Comics Lib

Carry your comic books with you in Comics Lib.

Comics Lib)

ComiXology If you’re looking to do a little more than read comics on your iPhone, ComiXology might be the way to do it.

After you download the app, which costs $1.99, you’ll be able to check out all the upcoming comic-book releases. You can also see recent covers, preview different pages, check out comic-book-related articles, and more. The app even lets you listen to ComiXology’s weekly podcast. A social element lets you see what other folks are checking out. It might not let you read full comics like some of the other apps in this roundup, but if you’re looking for a great way to stay connected on the comic-book scene, this app might be one of the best ways to do it.


If you're a comic-book fan, ComiXology is the service for you.


iVerse Comics iVerse Comics is the arch-nemesis of the aforementioned Comics app. It allows users to read comics right on their iPhone.

iVerse Comics features several comic books for you to check out. The app added Marvel support on Friday. It also features books from Red 5, Image, and other companies. So far, there are a few dozen free comics to read. There are “hundreds” of other comic books available for download in the app’s store. The app features popular comics like Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, and others. Like Comics, you can sift through its listing of available books and find the title you want to read right on your iPhone. If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, iVerse Comics is worth checking out.


iVerse Comics lets you find the comic book you want to read.


My top 3

1. Comics: With so much great content, Comics is a great way to enjoy your favorite content.

2. iVerse Comics: If you’re a fan of Marvel comics, iVerse Comics is worth checking out.

3. ComiXology: ComiXology is designed specifically for the comic-book lover. And chances are, it will deliver quite an experience.

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