‘Approved’ Fansub Anime To Compete With Licensed Version

We’ve discussed the state of “fansub” anime video and video games in the past, whereby many fans will team up and help translate a release for different markets. While there have been some complaints, many in the anime community have figured out how to embrace this and use it to their advantage — in some cases using the fansubs to determine what other markets to look at for official releases. Earlier this year, we wrote about how one developer from 07th Expansion was thrilled about the fansub work being done — thanking the fansubbers for “loving” his work so much.

An anonymous reader points out that 07th Expansion recently sold the rights of a new game to the company MangaGamer, which includes the right to translate the game. But the fansubbers were already working on their own version. So, would there be a clash? Apparently not. Both versions are moving forward legally with the approval of 07th Expansion. MangaGamer even did a good thing, offering to hire the fansubbers to do the translating for the official version, but they were unable to do so for work reasons. This did follow one bad move — where MangaGamer asked the fansubbers to take down their version — but after MangaGamer went back and learned of 07th Expansion’s embracing of fansubbers, it changed its mind, and told the fansubbers they could continue with their effort.

Of course, even with the “competition” from fans, MangaGamer should have a huge advantage. The fansubbers admit that they’re slow and doing it as a hobby — so they fully expect MangaGamer to beat them to market by a long shot. But it’s nice to see MangaGamer realize that this isn’t the end of the world and to just compete in the marketplace, even without an exclusive monopoly on a translation patch to the game.

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