Video Sharing Software Hosting


Video sharing software hosting refers to websites that store uploaded video clips from individuals. On hosting websites, the uploaded video clips are displayed and fixed with unique codes, which allow the video clips to be shared and displayed on any website that accepts HTML.

What Drove Video Sharing Hosting into Existence

The majority of Web users either do not own a website or the website they own lacks the requirements to host video clips. Without a viable website that has adequate space, video clips cannot be uploaded, stored and displayed. The best alternative, which avoids such requirements, is video hosting websites. As the popularity of hosting websites continues to grow, Web users' experience with uploading videos will steadily improve.

Video Sharing Hosting Evolved State

Hosting video clips have grown to become a hobby that pays. YouTube is a perfect example. The wide variety of hosting websites has turned the simple notion of offering video sharing services into a thriving money-making machine. Some hosts even decided to give their hosting services a twist by allowing Web users to earn money from the videos they upload. Instead of collecting all the advertising revenue that the video clips generate, these websites share a percentage of the earnings with the owners of the videos.

Video Hosting Software

Web users who want to upload, manage and share videos can by simply adding video sharing software to their website. There are four applications that give websites the ability to manage hosting videos: PHPmotion, Clip-Share, Plumi and Rayzz. However, these four applications cannot be installed or used if the website lacks two key functions: Convert videos to preferred formats, and allow videos to be embedded.

Web User Video Sharing Experience

Depending on the hosting website that is used, the overall experience with uploading videos will be different. For the most part, a large portion of hosting websites is 100 percent free to use. Their basic services for videos include uploading and sharing. On more advanced hosting websites, abilities such as editing and earning revenue are included. Even though hosting websites have some differences, they do share one commonality: A strict policy that does not allow inappropriate content. However, some hosting websites' policy does allow adult and other offensive content. Before sharing or viewing, though, Web users are required to verify age.

Video hosting is fun and lucrative, so tweaking personal websites to manage video uploads is a smart idea.

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