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Social networking websites are incredibly popular now, as almost everyone knows. If someone has ever thought that they would want to build their own social network website, but figured it would be impossible to start from scratch, there is a software suite available online called JCow.

Jcow is a program that works with web hosts to allow a webmaster to customize and create their own social network website. The JCow suite features a flexible registration form, allows for notifications, lets users of the web community customize their profile, along with many other tools for creating a successful social network website. JCow can also let members of a site share media files, such as images and videos. Additionally, JCow is set up with eCommerce in mind. Because the software suite has ad management built-in, it is simple for webmasters to profit from pay-per-click and other similar revenue streams online.

While if someone wants to host a basic website, they can go to just about any host, a JCow website does need to be hosted from a specific type of server. JCow is a tool set that is based on PHP, and if a host does not specially state they are PHP compatible, the website will not work. So once someone has their site ready to be uploaded, they should make sure they have a provider that does JCow Hosting.

Once someone has a list of hosting providers that will work with their JCow website, there are several other important things to consider. Bandwidth is something that the hosting provider may limit; it is necessary to consider not only what the website's bandwidth needs are now, but in a year from now, and so on. The same is true for hosting space. While a website may have small needs in the first few months of its being online, a website that grows out of its hosting space will cause nothing but problems. Additionally, the support and reliability of a web host are crucial; a web site that doesn't work or is never online is pointless.

If someone is looking to create a social network, using a JCow Hosting provider, and the JCow software suite, they can start down the path of success.

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