Shared hosting is a reliable and affordable way to host your web site. If you need no frills hosting, shared hosting is the way to go.

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For those that need a step above shared hosting, VPS hosting is a great low cost solution for medium to large web sites.

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If you want complete control over your hosting environment, you will likely need to have a dedicated server.

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Start your own hosting company, or provide your clients with the option to buy hosting services.

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Whether you are a beginning webmaster or a seasoned pro, making the right choice when choosing your web host can make the difference in whether you have a bunch of good website related days in your future or a bunch of bad ones. The choices are many, and filtering out the unnecessary factors can be a daunting task.

We’ve done the legwork and research for you and are providing this easy to follow roadmap to help you make an informed decision. Our experts reviews give you a complete overview of the web hosting company, what they offer, pricing, and specials. Also read reviews and ratings from real users like you, sharing their experience with customer service, uptime, and pricing. Our rankings are continuously updated based on user feedback.

Find the top hosts that fit your criteria, whether you’re comparing bargain pricing or the top rated companies offering dedicated hosting. Compare all companies easily, without searching the web and finding the information on your own; we’ve compiled it all in one location.

Expert Tips

Choosing a Hosting Company: What Matters and What Doesn't

1. Price May Not Be a Factor Companies

The first -- and last -- thing you should always consider is that you get what you pay for. Free isn’t free anymore. The best providers all charge just about the same thing for the same services, so there’s not much magic to be uncovered. Even if you are a beginning webmaster and you think your requirements are few, beware: Once you get up and running on that free hosting service, you may be dismayed to find that every call you make and every email you send will cost you something to be answered. And the level of service isn’t what you’d likely receive from a world class hosting provider. With pricing so competitive among most reputable hosts, we recommend looking beyond pricing at other features that may be important to you, like percentage uptime, or green hosting companies.

2. Strong Tech Support Makes a Big Difference

When you’re signing up with a new host, it’s usually for a two or three year period. And so top notch support will be paramount to your happiness. Trust us. No matter how reliable their servers are, no matter what software programs you’re running -- you will almost definitely need to talk to software or technical support at some point. Do your homework. Read reviews, and if they have dates, be sure to pay minimal attention to those that are a few years old, as things may have drastically changed since then. For some users, a US based support crew is important. Checking out the support reputation of a hosting company can make your life easy later on.

3. Features and Scalability Will Narrow Your Decision

Features are plentiful and varied on most hosting plans -- after all, their intent is to fulfill your needs and make you happy. But if you have a particular type of site such as ecommerce or blogging or photography, you’ll want to focus on certain feature sets: Just because one host has an ecommerce plan doesn’t mean the particular shopping cart they’re offering may work for you if you have 5000 items to sell. Some photo gallery software doesn’t allow comments. Some blogging software may not do what you envision. Ask questions, as most hosts have live chat agents available and that’s what they’re there for.

And if you are planning on rapid growth of your site, in terms of traffic, disk space, or security features, you will need to assure the host you choose has options that you can grow into. Again, while most hosting companies have additional plans to accommodate your needs, scalability should be a primary consideration if your site or business is in a quick growth mode. Be advised that some hosting companies are part of small hosting groups, so if you can’t be accommodated at their site, they can easily switch you to one of their sister sites to fulfill your needs.


Disclosure: PHPHosts is an independent review service of web hosting companies, offering both reviews by our own experts and user reviews from the public at large. We are required by the FTC to disclose that we receive compensation from web hosting companies when site visitors sign up for their services after visiting our site. The compensation received is a referral commission, it is not payment for the review of the service, thus our reviews are independent and unbiased.

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